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Parent & Toddler Group

Timetable as of September 2021
Every Thursday and Friday

Moving slowly back to the centre, Parent & Toddler group will be supporting parents with young children, through creative play.

We have developed a structure for the session which enables both you and your child to follow a set routine.

Snack time encourages children to sit and rest. We discuss our snack choices, giving opportunities for children to be inquisitive about each other's choices and maybe introduce and extend your child's range of food.

Our sessions re-enforce routine, which is good for us, but most importantly good for our children.

We begin our session with a welcome hello to each other which supports both adult and child interaction encouraging and supporting your child's social and emotional development.

Our 'Hello' song supports a sense of belonging, taking turns and respect for others.

Our activities are chosen to support many aspects of your child's development but most importantly for you and your child to have fun and enjoy some special time together.

We share popular story books. We have allocated time for singing your child's favourite Nursery Rhymes.

Stories and singing Nursery Rhymes help to promote language and literacy skills setting the foundations for continued learning.

The session comes to a close with our 'Goodbye' song, again supporting turn taking and your child's 'Sense of Self'.

Come and join us.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

To join please contact us on 0121 327 2997

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