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Community Nurses

Breast Screening Information session (6th March 2013) - Breast Screen Programme screens around 1.6 million women every year and saves an estimated 1400 lives a year in England.
In Saltley the take up for Breast Screening is mere 40%, whereas just up the road in Hodge Hill, this figure goes up to 50%. There is alot of work that needs to be done to ensure that we increase awareness of a cancer that has the highest survival rate IF diagnosed early enough.

GOAL_Saltley as part of the DOSTI group organised an informal session, delivered by a Community Nurse based at Heartland Hospital.

The session was well received with over 25 women attending and actively participating in the discussions.

Diabetes Awareness Session (28th November 2011) - Diabetes is a silent killer within the South Asian community, over shadowed by myths and misconceptions.

DOSTI group arranged a Diabetes Awareness session ran by a community nurse from Heart of England NHS.

The session addressed the following issues:
* What is Diabetes?
* How you can be tested?
* What help is available?

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