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Art Exhibition 2019

International Women's Day 2019 - entries in the Art Exhibition.

I have been inspired by my baby daughter who has given me a new lease of life and pulled me out of darkness - Shumaila Sarfraz

I am a vulnerable person, coming from all over the world - Marie

Dosti Group is where I can come and be myself. I enjoy being amongst great people who make me feel comfortable. I feel like my life has changed to a colourful life - Saima Bibi

I chose the word ‘Allah’ because when I feel alone and lost like I’ve lost everything, I hold onto Allah and he always guides me to the right path - Mariha Mariha

Many years ago women would never have thought to make their debut in television and social media, however I feel women have broken barriers and became big names. The picture of the babies demonstrates the pain women endure pre and post birth and still continue to show great strength bringing up children and how they are raising the future of their country. I feel it’s a big part in women’s life to become a mother and definitely needs to be praised because it’s not an easy journey. I feel it’s an accomplishment women have the right to education and voting. Their voices are being heard via both of these channels and bringing families out of poverty - Saba Pervez

My picture is of a tree. I like trees. I love natural beauty, walking amongst flowers and beautiful gardens. I feel happy and the colours help lift my spirits - Huwaida Abaker

My art work shows different words in Arabic to describe my mum. My mum is a wonderful woman, she is kind and gave me life. I love you so much, mum - Tahira Alfaqui

I am thinking I am on a mountain with a river running by. I love mountains because I feel relaxed and peaceful. My troubles are washed away as I watch the river running by. I feel peaceful and relaxed without a worry in the world. This is where I want to be and make my home - Sameena Newah

I like drawing animals and I love drawing faces. I have been drawing since I was a child. It helps me relax - Hameeda Bibi

A Women is Wonderful, Outstanding, Marvellous, Adorable, Nice - Tayebba Ghazi

About women. I support women. I think a woman has an important role in society but sometimes life can be very hard for a woman - Misbah Ejaz

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