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Early Years / Family Learning Team

Language development is central to all our work at GOAL. we deliver basic literacy skills to those that have very little to no English language and no formal or informal learning experiences.

Working predominately with women from migrant communities, our tutors / facilitators come from the community, bringing their community knowledge and between them can offer support in up to 5 south Asian languages including Arabic.

Our work spans to Early Years as at GOAL we believe learning stems from conception all the way to adulthood and beyond.

The pandemic has effected young and old alike. The massive gap created in our children's education will have drastic consequences in years to come.

To help to narrow the gap, GOAL launched tuition sessions for young children aged  between 5 and 11 year olds. Most of these children come from low income families. Families that have low literacy skills and are unable to support their children.

GOAL provides after school sessions once a week to support these young people struggling with their learning.

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