Go-Woman! Alliance Community Interest Company (GOAL) is a social enterprise established to facilitate the transition of individuals into meaningful employment. Serving as an umbrella organisation for small businesses, individuals, or unincorporated entities, GOAL is founded by experienced professionals in enterprise development.

The organisation is dedicated to supporting, developing, and celebrating an entrepreneurial culture. With a focus on both formal and informal learning opportunities, GOAL aims to empower individuals throughout their lives, fostering continuous development and enhancing the knowledge and skills necessary for employment, self-employment, and personal fulfilment.

Our commitment is based on Delors’ (1996) four ‘pillars’ of education for the future.
• Learning to know – mastering learning tools rather than acquisition of structured knowledge.

• Learning to do – equipping people for the types of work needed now and in the future including innovation and adaptation of learning to future work environments.

• Learning to live together, and with others – peacefully resolving conflict, discovering other people and their cultures, fostering community capability, individual competence and capacity, economic resilience, and social inclusion.

• Learning to be – education contributing to a person’s complete development: mind and body, intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic appreciation and spirituality.