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Talking Health

Talking Health is a 9 week programme that is being delivered by Salus Fatigue Foundation

Week 1 - Plans for energy boosting meals, shopping tips- Introduction video - Introduction to Salus

- Energy boosting meals - Energy boosting meals, shopping tips

- Journey to Wellness Journal - meal planner pages, pacing, gratitude etc

- Guest speaker videos with Afternoon Tea with the Docs Drs - fibre, chronic conditions and insulin resistance

Books and useful websites/recipes
- The Happy Pear recipes
- Deliciously Ella recipes
- Raw food recipes
- Henry and Henry meals - meditation and tips
Week 2 - Breathing, benefits of inhale/exhale on cortisol, noradrenaline on CO2 levels
- Breathing video - Autonomic nervous system, tips for regular practice, why some stress is good for you. What cortisol does. Why mindfulness and meditation work. How this helps fatigue.

- Breathing & Relaxation - Breathing, relaxation meditations/practices
Week 3 - Preparing for sleep- Preparing for sleep video

- Preparing for sleep overview - Wind down, bath, benefits of Epsom salts, blue light, reducing caffeine earlier in the day, different meditation apps. Dos and don’ts. If you can’t sleep, how to help feel less fatigued.
Week 4 - Simple Chi Kungs, chair based and standing exercise- Tai Chi video

- Tai Chi overview - Benefits of tai chi and practical session with explanations. Warm up, simple Chi Kungs, 8 fine treasures. How movement supports our immune system and helps with fatigue

- Love activity, Hate exercise
Week 5 - Hormones and me- Hormones and Me video

- Hormones and Me overview Why your hormones change, adolescence, peri menopause, menopause. It is normal, everyone goes through it, but we are all unique. Preparing in advance to support your hormones. Good tips to help support changes, mood swings, sleep
Week 6 - Nutrition that can help and hinder your energy and hormones
Week 7 - Meditation for relaxation/sleep
Week 8 - Hydration and flushing through toxins
Week 9 - Recondition yourself – develop over time/techniques

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