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The story of Internet Café

From a soft play area to an Internet Café - See the transformation

Fair well to the soft play area at Adderley Children's Centre. It has been a great joy to many children for the last six years.

3rd July 2012 - Out with the old, making way for the Internet Cafe. Geoff hard at work applying touch of paint to brighten up the area...

9th July 2012 - Painting completed, Internet Café area ready for the next stage...

11th July 2012 - A mini-demolition site (organised mess!!) greeted visitors to the new building.

11th July 2012 - Nick Hinton & Tom Watson from Top Class Design working their magic.

11th July 2012 - Cubicles taking shape.

27th September 2012 - Launch of the Internet Cafe.
Internet Cafe being used by learners, open to the community 5 days a week.

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