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Fahima Akhtar

I came to this country 15 years ago. This is the first time I’m learning English but I wish I did it sooner. I have to say even though my first language is Bengali I automatically tend to speak in English more. Although my English isn’t great I’m not afraid of what people might think.

I speak to my children in English. I help them with their homework and reading. All of which has helped me develop my English from learning phonics and sounds with them to actually reading their books with them. I feel like my English is poor. I want to learn English and be able to speak fluently because it’s important for my daily life. You need English everywhere as you will not always find people who speak your own home language. I think I’m weaker in my listening and writing skills.

I read a documentary about stone years. I saw how people lived a long time ago. There were two young boys in the story who were working on the fields. They found a hole underground, which was a long tunnel. They told their parents about this tunnel, the parents were scared. The boys used this tunnel all the time to play in. ‘I’m really exciting. I like documentary stuff, any kind of documentary, I watch and read.’

Last Wednesday I had parents evening for my child in year 3. The teacher showed me all his books. I asked the teacher ‘How is his study’ ‘How he is in English and Maths’ she said his work is excellent. He is in all the top groups and is getting top marks. I asked ‘What he have to do at home’ she explained that he needs to read more non-fiction books about facts and challenge himself with harder words. ‘How about his handwriting’ she said it’s very good, she’s happy and I’m happy with him.

Last week I went to the doctors for my blood test results. ‘Can you tell me what is my blood test result?‘ They advised me that I have high blood pressure. ‘What shall I do to reduce my blood pressure down? Do you have any cure for this?’ The doctor advised me what to do and to go back after 3 weeks. If it’s still high she will give me some medication.

I phoned the dentist to make appointments for my children ‘Can I have 2 appointments for my son please, it’s for my 2 son’ She asked me what their names were and date of birth. I gave their name and date of birth, she gave me appointments. I said no, ‘can you give afternoon please because they are in school’ the lady gave me 2 appointments I was happy and said bye. Yesterday I realised I could not make the appointments so I called to cancel. ‘Can I cancel appointment please today I can’t come down’ the lady asked which day I would like, I said ‘Thursday please’ so she booked me in for Thursday in the afternoon.

In the Easter holidays my son went to Disneyland Paris. I went to stay over at my sister’s house in Luton. She was getting building work done in her kitchen. One night I could see the light on in the kitchen, it was late night about 11 o’clock. I went in and asked the builder ‘What time you going to finish’? He said he was working till late and is that ok, I said, ‘yes, ok’.

Then he said can you do me a favour, Can I have a cup of coffee? I said ‘ok, no problem’ I then realised I forgot to ask him if he wanted anything with that so I went back an asked ‘Would you like biscuit or something’? He said ok, so I made him some samosas and gave him some biscuits with it.

November 2017
I sat my Entry Level 2 exam this summer, but unfortunately I didn’t pass. I am extremely disappointed and upset by this as I found the overall paper quite easy. However I managed to achieve my Level 1 in Maths, which I am happy about.
Next year I will be looking at continuing with my English language.

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