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A.L.F project

The A.L.F (Actively Learning Families) project will run a 3 prong approach:

  • Weekly walking sessions which will include activities for parent and child to include:
    • Language development for both parent and child
    • Early maths, recognition of numbers through everyday activities
    • Opportunities to socialise in different settings, appreciating the natural environment in terms of green spaces and meeting unfamiliar faces in a unthreatening way for children
    • Social and emotional well-being
    • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Healthy eating sessions delivered by experienced, qualified skilled staff
    • Recipe In a Box
    • Traditional recipes that have been redesigned to ensure both economic but a healthy exchange to enable nutritional changes to lifestyle.
    • 5 week day meals costing approximately £10 for a family of 4 will be created
  • Exercise sessions with parent & child
    • Targeted light exercise sessions with parents and their children. This will include physical games such as okey kokey, hopscotch, walking lines, balancing to improve their gross motor skills.

The A.L.F project will produce a Toolkit which will be a legacy of the programme which will enable a whole family lifestyle change.

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