January 2024

Initiation of Appreciation Inquiry Process:

Working alongside our mentor Tracey Thorne, the primary aim of the AI process was to enable collaborative reflection on how GOAL could align itself as a key anchor organisation within Alum Rock and East Birmingham. This alignment is intended to support or align with the ambitions of the Levelling Up Agenda, indicating a strategic focus on community development and empowerment.

Discovery Stage

Key issues identified at GOAL during the appreciation inquiry encompassed security around its building and leadership dynamics, underscoring the imperative for proactive measures to address these concerns effectively.

February 2024

Ready 2 Level – Collaborative Learning Session 1

Community Wealth Building / Inclusive Growth

Hosted by Unity Hub at St. Margaret’s Church, St. Margarets Road, Ward End, B8 2BA

Case Studies:

  • Use It Programme
  • NW Birmingham
  • Tyseley Energy Park
  • PfPP East Birmingham Schools programme.

Dream Phase

Vision 2034: Securing a long-term lease or community ownership of the current building is seen as essential for GOAL to realise its aspirations of expanding services, investing in people, contributing to community development, and achieving financial sustainability.

Building leadership within the current staff is essential for GOAL to ensure a smooth transition when key staff members near retirement.

Ready 2 Level – Collaborative Learning Session 2

Building Local Economies

Hosted by Muath Trust at Stratford Street, B11 1AR

Case Studies:

  • Economic Justice with Debbie Pippard, Barrow Cadbury
  • Gloucester Services Station: Jo White, Cooperative Futures
  • NHS ICAN Programme

Delivery Stage

Development of project plan, addressing key issues around building and leadership development.

Additional support under the Levelling Up agenda could help provide resources, expertise, and guidance to navigate the complexities of securing premises. This support could also extend to addressing broader systemic challenges related to access to community assets in East Birmingham, helping to ensure that organizations like GOAL can continue to thrive and serve their communities effectively.

March 2024

Ready 2 Level – Look and Learn Visit

Exploring best practice on community-driven regeneration

The Oasis Centre, Manchester www.oasisgorton.org/

The Oasis Centre’s narrative is truly awe-inspiring. A community-based organisation seamlessly integrating all essential services at the core of its locality.

Experiencing its vibrant atmosphere left us deeply moved and filled with newfound hope, realising the immense potential for community-driven initiatives to create positive change and foster a sense of unity.

Unlimited Potential Salford, Salford


Unlimited Potential provides a range of high-quality, personal services which aim to help people and communities to make a real difference to their lives and neighbourhoods.

Hosting Inspirators from Netherlands at Go-Woman! Alliance CIC

Social Impact and Innovation with Presentation by Inspirators Social Impact on approaches to social value in the Netherlands at Aston University

Ready to Level Programme emerging action plans – presentation to Inspirators

Community Event at Go-Woman! Alliance CIC

The community event at GOAL effectively captured the aspirations of its members. These collective hopes and dreams will be showcased in a central collage, symbolising unity and celebration. Through diverse imagery and symbols, the collage will embody the shared vision and aspirations of the community, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Ready 2 Level – Final Collaborative Learning Session

The concluding collaborative event witnessed anchor organisations candidly sharing their identified challenges and proposing pathways for progress. The discussions delved into future development with honesty, paving the way for constructive dialogue and actionable solutions. It was an opportunity for frank exchanges that aimed at advancing collective goals and community well-being.

As the intensive 12-week program concludes, it marks the inception of a constructive collaboration among anchor organisations. This collaboration aims to facilitate resource-sharing, enhance capacity, and ensure sustainability, thus bolstering support for the local community.

It signifies a new chapter dedicated to collective empowerment and community enrichment.