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IT4Dip (Internet Technology for Disadvantaged People) project was secured under the European Union’s Lifelong Learning programme. Grundtvig partnership programme allows organisations to participate in training activities.

Below are some of the local outcomes:

Learners Perspective
- Mini-brochure capturing learners view on the IT4Dip project. The brochure provides a background to the project, amazing photos and learners and staffs views on use of technology across the three partner countries. local_leaflet_final click here to read more...

Reflections Read below learner and staffs experiences whilst on visits to Vienna and Turkey.

- Aishah Amin & Leena Iqbal on Vienna
- Fakharah Masoom on Vienna
- Farzana Amin on Vienna
- Nelum Akhtar on Vienna
- Sameer Amin & Hashim Naeem on Vienna
- Sofinah Khatun on Vienna

- Farzana Kosar on Turkey

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