Welcome to Go-Woman! Alliance Community Interest Company (GOAL). GOAL has been setup as a social enterprise to support individuals to move into meaningful employment, acting as an umbrella organisation for small businesses, individuals or unincorporated entities.

– GOAL brochure of services Click here to see the full brochure of our services.

GOAL is able to offer support in number of south Asian languages including, Urdu, Punjabi, Mirpuri, Bengali as well as Arabic.

GOAL Weekly Calendar

– English classes (pre entry, Entry Level 1)
– Internet Cafe
– Speaking with Confidence
– DOSTI Group
– Exercise session
– Grammar & Punctuation class
– ESOL class
– Bumps & Bundles Group
– Teach Me, Teach You
– Parent & Toddler Group

Our work is split into 6 areas:

EU Projects

Special / Pilot Projects

Research / Special Projects

GOAL evaluates all its work to learn and build on that learning. We also support special projects targeting our specialist groups.